Beth Kim Christoffersen

Born: May 11, 1948

Died: November 07, 2012

Services: Graveside Service at OceanView Cemetery Tuesday, November 12,2012 1:00PM



Cemetery: Ocean View Cemetery (Map)

Location: Bedell-Pizzo Funeral Home (Map)

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Great post and comments eviterhyng I was going to say has been said. One thing, though as I stress out about what to say at a wedding or funeral, I realize that very few people will remember anything I say unless it is something outlandish. They are either nervous or grieving and a momentary comfort is all I can offer unless it is video taped. Yes, one of our members video taped the funeral. I'm not sure I even knew it. She watches it a lot. I'm glad she likes it. I loved her husband, so it was easy to say wonderful things about him. Anyway, mostly the preacher's part is forgotten and I think that's probably good.