Advanced Planning Options


When you plan your funeral in advance, you can make important choices about how you wish to be remembered. It allows you take your time and make decisions that are important to you. It also provides peace of mind because you protect your family from having to make difficult decisions at a stressful time.


To protect your family against the burden of sudden, often unanticipated expenses, there are also prepayment options. You have a choice of funeral trust plans to meet your needs – each with different tax benefits. We are happy to explain the choices in detail, so you can make a decision that is right for you.

Whether or not you decide to prepay, your wishes are kept on file for no charge, so you can be assured your instructions will be followed exactly as you specify. And any pre-arrangements you make are fully transferrable.

Contact us to schedule an appointment, or preplan online today.

We can provide information on social security and veterans benefits and advise you on how to share your choices with your family.